No matter the time of year, a wedding in the Rocky Mountains guarantees a picturesque backdrop for you and your partner to say “I do.” At Black Canyon Inn, we’ve helped countless couples enter into holy matrimony at our stunning wedding venues in Estes Park and can confirm that no season is better than any other for a wedding. 

Each season in the Rocky Mountains offers its unique charm, and understanding the nuances of planning for each can make all the difference in creating an unforgettable wedding celebration. With these considerations in mind, we’re providing you with helpful information so you can choose the best time to have a wedding in the Rocky Mountains.

Vibrant Spring Weddings

Spring in the Rocky Mountains is a season of renewal and rebirth. Besides the rocky peaks, snow begins to melt, revealing vibrant wildflowers and lush greenery. Spring weddings showcase the natural beauty of the mountains as they come alive with color. However, it’s essential to consider potential rain showers and unpredictable weather. Luckily, our venues can facilitate indoor and outdoor weddings, especially The Boulders.

Sunny Summer Weddings

For couples who dream of a warm and sunny celebration, summer in the Rockies is the ideal choice. By then, the snow has melted, and the trails are open for hiking and exploration. However, it’s crucial to plan for warmer temperatures and ensure your guests stay comfortable. Our wedding venues provide shade, ensuring that your guests stay comfortable even during peak heat.

Elegant Fall Weddings

As the summer warmth begins to fade, the Rocky Mountains transform into a canvas of rich autumnal hues. Fall weddings in the Rockies are synonymous with crisp mountain air and classic autumn hues. While the scenery is breathtaking, be prepared for cooler temperatures, and consider incorporating warm colors and cozy elements into your wedding decor.

Wonderful Winter Weddings

Winter weddings in the Rocky Mountains evoke a sense of majestic romance. The snow-covered landscapes and glistening peaks create a fairy-tale setting for your special day. The Boulders is ideally suited for handling winter weddings since it offers a fully enclosed indoor space. Winter snow can make travel more challenging, but if you and your guests stay at Black Canyon Inn’s cozy suites, there’s no need to worry.

Plan the Rocky Mountain Wedding of Your Dreams

Selecting the perfect time of year for your Rocky Mountain wedding is a personal decision that depends on your vision, preferences, and priorities. However, no matter which time of year you schedule, you can feel good knowing that Black Canyon Inn’s wedding venues in Estes Park can accommodate your choice. Between our beautiful venues, delicious catering, and helpful catering and event staff, we offer everything you need for a wonderful wedding experience. 

We would love to celebrate your eternal love. To plan a romantic wedding at one of our venues, fill out the form on our wedding page or contact us at 970-652-8544 or [email protected].