A tour group white water rafting near Estes Park

Estes Park is rich with natural amenities making it the ideal destination for many activities. At Black Canyon Inn, we frequently host hikers, bikers, boaters, and more. However, one adventurous outdoor activity you can’t enjoy in Estes Park is white water rafting. Unfortunately, Estes Park doesn’t have any rivers with rapids for eager paddlers to enjoy. 

While Estes Park might not have white water rapids, white water rafting isn’t far away. There’s even a white water rafting company in Estes Park that will transport you to the rapids. Continue reading to learn more about planning a white water rafting adventure near Estes Park.

White Water Rafting Trips Near Estes Park

Rapid Transit Rafting is the only white water rafting company actually located in Estes Park. They transport you to the rapids for your convenience, so you don’t have to worry about driving and can focus on the fun stuff. It’s quite the scenic drive; you’ll pass through Rocky Mountain National Park on the way. 

Rapid Transit Rafting two different rafting trips, a half-day trip on the Cache la Poudre River and a full-day trip on the Colorado River. Let’s start with the half-day trip first. The Cache la Poudre River features Class II and III rapids and is known for its fast pace. During your journey, you’ll take in stunning natural scenery; it’s a trip full of highlights.

The full-day trip takes you to the mighty Colorado River, where you’ll experience Class II to Class III rapids. This is an incredibly varied white water rafting experience; you’ll take on deep canyon rapids, enjoy peaceful floating, and more. It’s a 12-mile stretch that takes about five hours to complete, with a lunch break during the ride. 

No matter if you choose to take the half-day or full-day white water rafting trip, you’re in for a blast. New to white water rafting? The Rapid Transit Rafting team has you covered; they’ll guide you through it. If you don’t want to paddle, they’ll even do it for you. They really go above and beyond to ensure visitors to Estes Park have an unforgettable white water rafting trip. 

Relax in a Well-Appointed Vacation Rental in Estes Park

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