The mountains in Estes Park in winter

Unlike other vacation destinations, Estes Park remains an excellent place for a trip as the cold air rolls in and snow begins to fall. Estes Park is the perfect place for an unforgettable winter getaway. The captivating mountains and giant trees are truly a marvel during the winter. The faint feathery touch of snow on every tree gives Estes Park an enamoring sense of mystery and benevolence. 

Both new and returning tourists to Estes Park are drawn in by the magnificent scenery and clean mountain air, which is even crisper during the winter. This makes Estes Park a true haven for outdoor lovers looking to have an unforgettable winter getaway. The team at Black Canyon Inn is here to provide you with information on the many entertaining activities you can enjoy when you visit Estes Park in winter.

Visit the Famed Rocky Mountain National Park 

No matter when you vacation in Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park is a must-stop. While visiting in winter gives you less access to some of the park’s roads, there’s still plenty of spectacular beauty to take in. Whether you want to drive, hike, cross-country ski, or snowshoe, you’ll love immersing yourself in Rocky Mountain National Park’s majestic beauty. Keep an eye out for wildlife; while some of the park’s inhabitants hibernate during the winter, others thrive in the snow-covered landscape.   

Estes Park’s Winter BackCountry Skiing on Famous Mountains 

Despite being an endearing mountain community, Estes Park has a wild and rugged side. It is bordered by wilderness on all sides, making it the ideal location for anyone looking to conquer an ice wall or hike through the dense Rockies pine forests on snowshoes. Estes Park is the perfect home base for daring and crazy fun adventures in the winter. 

Adventure Course From A Famed Mountain School 

When it comes to learning about outdoor adventures, the Colorado Mountain School in Estes Park is always ready to guide, even in the winter. They will fully educate you on avalanche rescue, mountaineering, ice climbing, skiing, and more. A session with the Colorado Mountain School will help you learn the necessary skills to adapt and enjoy your experience at Estes park in the winter. 

Cozy Accommodations for a Winter Stay in Estes Park

After enjoying all of the exciting winter activities that Estes Park has to offer, warm up in the comfort of your luxury suite from Black Canyon Inn. Our accommodations in Estes Park offer a cozy place to unwind after your adventures. Please book online or call 970-586-8113 for more information.