A mountain view on an Estes Park ATV trail

Adventure is all around you when you visit Estes Park. This scenic place is a vacation destination due in large part to its abundance of phenomenal outdoor activities. One such activity that visitors shouldn’t overlook is ATVing. Estes Park is home to quite the collection of ATV trails, and riding through them is an exhilarating yet beautiful experience. 

The Best ATV Trails in Estes Park

Zipping through Estes Park’s ATV trails is one of the best ways to explore the area. There’s so much natural beauty to see, and ATV trails help get you off of the beaten path to take it all in. Not sure where to get started? The team at Black Canyon Inn is happy to help. We have recommendations on which ATV trails you should add to your Estes Park itinerary. 

Bunce School Road

There’s a reason that Bunce School Road is the most popular ATV trail in the Estes Park area: it has something for everyone. The main road is fun and easy, which means it’s heavily trafficked almost year-round. Keep your eyes peeled for moose as you zoom past glistening ponds and dense forests. For riders looking for a challenge, take a branching side road that will lead you to the crash site of a T-33 military jet, which was left untouched by the Air Force. 

Switzerland Trail

For a more relaxed ride, we recommend visiting Switzerland Trail. This is one of Estes Park’s best ATV trails, yet it doesn’t get overly busy. Here, riders drive on an old railbed, zigzagging through the mountains. It’s an easy drive, but one filled with tons of gorgeous scenery to enjoy. One of the highlights is beautiful Gold Lake, which blooms with flowers and huckleberries in the summertime. 

Pole Hill

Open from mid-June through the end of November, Pole Hill is a short six-mile ATV loop trail that’s an absolute treat. While the trail does get quite steep and rocky in spots, it’s well worth the challenge. Riders are treated to awe-inspiring views of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Keep an eye out for wildlife, too; Pole Hill is known for its ample nature, including black bears. 

More Fun Awaits in Estes Park

Riding through the Estes Park area’s best ATV trails is just one of the many adventures you can experience here. However, that’s only the beginning; Estes Park is filled with other incredible activities, such as thrilling mountain biking, sipping tasty brews from craft breweries, and so much more. 

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