A barista pouring a cup of coffee at an Estes Park coffee shop

Sometimes, you need a little something to jumpstart your morning and give you the energy you need for a fun-filled day on vacation. Luckily, Estes Park has just the thing: coffee. Estes Park is home to several fantastic coffee shops that will get your morning off to a fast start. 

Are you looking for a cozy spot to grab a cup of jo? Black Canyon Inn has several great coffee shops in the Estes Park area to recommend. Whether you’re looking to grab and go or sit down and enjoy a delightful ambiance, our guide on the best coffee shops in Estes Park has you covered. 

Kind Coffee

Located on Elkhorn Street, Kind Coffee is one of Estes Park’s top-rated coffee shops thanks to its friendly service, tasty breakfast and treats, and delicious coffee brews. Kind Coffee has plenty of seating indoors and outdoors for patrons to relax and sip their drinks in peace. They are perhaps most well known for their lattes, with the smokey bear and s’mores offerings drawing rave reviews. 

Inkwell & Brew

Stationary lovers, this is the coffee shop of your dreams. In addition to serving up fabulous coffee, Inkwell & Brew also offers fountain pens, ink, paper, journals, and other writing supplies. Living in the digital age, their products are a nostalgic throwback and an inspiration for putting pen to paper once again. Come for the coffee, stay for the longing of days long passed. 

Ziggi’s Coffee

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to go inside a coffee shop, Ziggi’s Coffee might be the best option in Estes Park. This local chain offers classic brews, teas, smoothies, Italian sodas, breakfast burritos and sandwiches, tasty baked goods, and more, which you can grab through the drive-through. While Ziggi’s doesn’t offer the same charm and ambiance as other Estes Park coffee shops, but it’s fast, and the drinks are good. 

Raven’s Roast

Raven’s Roast isn’t a coffee shop; it’s a coffee lounge. There’s a difference, trust us. Raven’s Roast is serving up lattes, cappuccinos, tea, coffee, smoothies, hot cocoa, and baked goods with a smile. It’s a charming space that’s very welcoming. Raven’s Roast is a great place to grab a drink, kick back with friends and family, and enjoy a lively conversation to start your morning. 

Coffee on the Rocks

When you visit Coffee on the Rocks, it’s hard to decide whether the real star of this Estes Park coffee shop is the coffee or the ducks. Coffee on the Rocks is a quaint coffee shop located on Duck Pond, allowing patrons to enjoy their drink while watching cute ducks swim the pond. In addition to the pleasant scenery and delicious coffee, Coffee on the Rocks also offers alcoholic beverages. Choose from spiked coffee, mimosas, beer, wine, and more. 

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