• group standing on a bluff overlooking a valley.

Summer Activities

Estes Park has many functions planned for the summer, which brings families to enjoy a rowdy time at the four time award winning PRCA Rooftop Rodeo and several museums sharing in our rich history of the Estes Valley.

How adventurous are you? Do you stand on the ledge and look down or are you standing back and looking out? Mountain climbing is a sport you can do at any level!

The local Estes Park Mountain Shop has a fantastic crew to get you settled into your newest adventure. If you are a beginner and a bit leery, try their indoor climbing wall. For a nominal fee, you’ll have over 4,500 square feet of climbing area, a bouldering wall, very thick padded flooring, harness, rope and shoes as well as belaying for you (a process of holding the rope and the climber in the event of a fall). If you are feeling confident about your skills, the Estes Park Mountain Shop can even be hired to take you out on a guided climb.

If you are an avid climber, you have probably been researching your trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. If you are just beginning to plan, try The Climbers Guide by Bernard Gillett, Rocky Mountain National Park: Estes Park Valley. His guide begins with a popular choice for the climbing community that lies just across from Black Canyon Inn. Lumpy Ridge is located in the Rocky Mountain National Park and has prime areas for today’s climbing enthusiasts.

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Wildlife viewing is one of the most popular activities in Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Throughout the year you can see many types of animals. They are not in just one location. This means there are plenty of places to explore and find rocky mountain wildlife.

If you are looking at the right moment, you may see a bobcat, bear, fox, weasel or even a mountain lion. These animals are elusive and quick. They typically don’t linger long.

In the fall, the elk are bugling and large herds can be seen gathering in open fields and amongst the golden aspens. In the spring, you may sneak a peek at their babies. These majestic animals are usually the most popular to spot and view. It is possible to see some mule deer spread around the country side as well.

The big horn sheep can be spotted down Hwy. 34, Fall River Rd. or in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

As for smaller critters, you will see many ground squirrels, abert squirrels, marmots, and many birds such as humming birds.

Get your cameras ready because you are in for the photo opportunity of a lifetime!

Wildlife Viewing: Throughout the Estes Valley & RMNP
DO NOT approach the animals-they are wild!!!

Enjoy a mountain bike tour with some of the most picture perfect mountain scenery you can imagine!  Whether you are tackling Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park or one of the off road routes in Roosevelt National Forest, you will find something for every skill level.

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Black Canyon Inn is located near some of the best fly-fishing and reel fishing in Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. We offer Estes Park condo rentals that have stunning views. Join us for an incredible Estes Park fishing vacation to remember.

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They offer half or full day trips. Their guides are patient, trained professionals eager to teach the art of fly fishing. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the sport or a seasoned angler needing a guide to show you some of their favorite spots, they have a lot to offer for all abilities.

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Estes Angler has been the leader in guided fly-fishing since 1993. Guides are fully certified, experienced anglers with expertise in the area. Friendly and personal service is our expectation, a maximum of three people can group with one guide and trips range from 8, 6, and 4-hour durations. They are exclusively a fly-fishing shop and can provide top of the line equipment for fun and learning.

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Kirks Flyshop has it all, take a simple fly-fishing guided tour or match it with a backpacking trip or a horseback trip allowing you to hike or horseback to ideal fishing holes in Rocky Mountain National Park. Trips can be tailored to your preference and it is guarantee that you will catch a fish on one of their trips.

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A day on the lake is always a fun way to enjoy the sun. Lake Estes is surrounded by breathtaking mountain and valley views. There is also a playground for endless activities. If fishing is what you seek, Lake Estes Marina offers a boat launch ramp plus fishing boat rentals. They sell fishing licenses and supplies on site as well. A 4-mile paved trail boarders the lake allowing access to great fishing off the shore. There are activities for the non-anglers in the family. The trail is great for biking, walking, and skating.

Join us in Estes Park, Colorado for beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and some of the best fishing in the state of Colorado. The Black Canyon Inn – a family friendly property.

Black Canyon Inn is located near some of the best horseback riding in Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. We offer Estes Park condo rentals that have stunning views. Join us for an incredible Estes Park horseback riding vacation to remember.

Glacier Creek Stables
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Enjoy the scenery at over 8,688ft from the comfort of horseback The only stable That’s located inside the Rocky Mountain National Park!

National Park Gateway Stables
Located at the fall road entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, provides safe and unforgettable horseback riding experiences for anyone looking to give horseback riding a try.


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The mission of Jackson Stables, Inc. is to provide their guests memorable horseback riding experiences in a majestic setting. A sponsor to several Rooftop Rodeo Royalty Queen’s.

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The Estes Park Stables on Big Thompson Ave. was the first Sombrero ranch in the area and this characteristic ranch illustrates the local history. They have a horse for every age and skill level. Take a short 1-hour trip or get lost for a day on one of their 8-hour rides. They have endless terrain of private trails on their 1,000-acre ranch plus endless possibilities of exploration in Rocky Mountain National Park. Enjoy a day as a cowboy! They specialize in large families, business and International groups. Open year round. A sponsor of the Rooftop Rodeo Royalty program!!

Please visit the Estes Valley Recreation & Park District website for information on the Lake Estes Marina, Trail & Pavilion.

Black Canyon Inn is located near some of the best hiking and wildlife watching in Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. We offer Estes Park condo rentals that have stunning views. Join us for an incredible Estes Park hiking vacation to remember.

Hiking in Estes Park is one of the most popular activities in the park due to the vast variety of beautiful trails and sights. Take a nice stroll along a scenic loop or trek  the mountain ridges for a multi-day climb. With over 350 miles of trails there is terrain for every age and ability. Check out these links for detailed lists of all the hiking possibilities.

  • Suggested Hikes– hiking accessible to everyone. Usually short and relatively level
  • Hiking Trails– require some level of physical conditioning and acclimation to high altitude as trails vary from level to steeper parts.

Enjoy the freedom of an independent hike, but take the word of the locals and check out some useful guide books for a safe and informed day out.

We recommend Rocky Mountain National Park: The Complete Hiking Guide by Lisa Foster.This guide covers every existing trail in Rocky Mountain National Park and its surrounding areas. Plan your day and then bring the book along on the hike as it is a useful guide for information and has 31 detailed maps inside. Lisa is a long time local  resident who has put years of research into her guide to deliver you the best hiking resource.

If you are not looking to go hiking on your own, or want an expert to show you the sights and sounds of Estes Park, take a guided hike from one of these great tour guides.

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Explore lakes and glaciers or challenge yourself to a difficult mountain trek or summit hike on one of Kaiyote tours full day private hikes. Nature walks and half day easy to moderate hikes are also offered. If you are looking to join a group check out one of the weekly scheduled nature hikes including stargazing hikes, trips to Grand Lake, Alpine tours along Trail Ridge Road, and kid specific adventures.

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Offers a variety of day hikes through Rocky Mountain National Park or up Longs Peak. If you are feeling more adventurous, take a peek at what RMNP looks like at night at 14,259 ft. with their variety of backpacking trips.

Join us in Estes Park, Colorado for beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and some of the best hiking in the state of Colorado. The Black Canyon Inn – a family friendly property.

Are you ready for an adventure? Rafting season usually begins in May and winds down in August/September.

Often many of the people participating are beginners. So, whether you are going to relax or help maneuver the raft-give it a try! Remember not to wear cotton. Nylon and polyester would be best.

Call one of these experienced guides today for your white water rafting experience.

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